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Основное правило его жизни – не раскрывать ничего о себе.

English-language blurb for the novel:

White Rose has lived a double life for too long. For too many years, he has struggled alone to determine how he should handle an ethical dilemma he never wanted to face. Now, finally, he has found help online. But is it the right help?

Twenty Thousand Gold Stars describes an online world where anonymity is all-important, and where a knock on the door can spell disaster. Yet behind the masks that are unwillingly donned, men and women seek answers to imperative questions that will determine, not only their own futures, but the futures of those they meet in real life.

* * *

I'll link to this eventually from my website, but I wanted everyone to have a chance to see the fruition of months and months of work by Rose Red and her beta reader. Unfortunately, I can't read Russian, but I can testify to the dedication of this team, from the number of inquiries about words that were sent to me during the translation process. (English-language readers can have fun by going to the ends of the posted chapters and seeing which English words had to be explained to Russian readers in footnotes. Impressively lengthy footnotes.)

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