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"I was off the bootblack stand in an instant, my shout absorbed by the pounding music. I no longer had any thoughts for the top. My only thoughts were reserved for a frail old woman with a peacock-feathered hat, a polka-dotted robin's-egg-blue dress with matching purse, and an umbrella with a duck's head as its handle."

A rude top and an interfering family member prove to be an explosive combination at the Eagle bar.

Read online or download as a free e-book: Pinned (Leather in Lawnville).

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"I don't know what to call the way I can always pick out those guys in a crowd. My friend Martin calls it 'gaydar,' which leads to us having long arguments over whether being able to tag a guy who doesn't know he's gay counts as gaydar.

"Master Trent has another word for it. He calls it 'corruption.'"

The narrator goes on the hunt at a college ballroom dance.

Read online or download as a free e-book: Leatherdar (Leather in Lawnville).

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The second story of the serialization is online. For adults only.

Can an Old Guard top survive in a world with safe words?

Spontaneous (scroll down to "Online Edition").

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