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I can't reply immediately to your comments (here and by email) because my laptop is currently buried under a pile of papers as I deal with a small crisis. (For the same reason, I can't update my fic this week, darn it.) But as soon as I dig myself out, I'll respond to your wonderful, heartwarming comments. I truly am grateful to you for all your kind remarks.
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The Organization for Transformative Works, which hosts Archive of Our Own, where my online fiction is located, is ten years old as of September 4. OTW is having a month-long celebration that includes visits from published authors. (I'm looking forward to the visit from OTW co-founder Naomi Novik.)
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It's Retro Home. Here's the beginning of what I say on the new blog's profile page:


This is a blog where I talk about my current daily life at home and in my hometown, comparing it to American daily homelife during my childhood and college years (1963-1987) and during earlier eras. I also post reviews of books (nonfiction and fiction) that show the history of American everyday life at home.

If you'd like to see more links and photos, visit Retro Home's Twitter account @retrohomelife.


I'll continue to post at this blog, duskpeterson, about my daily life as a writer. But if you're interested in my daily life as a homemaker and mentor, my earlier years, or American daily homelives throughout history, I hope you'll also join me at Retro Home.
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Following up on our discussion of this topic earlier, I've simplified my content ratings and have tried to bring them more into line with American standards in ratings. (Which means treating sex and violence differently, darn it.)

When I filtered my current online stories by content rating, I discovered that, out of my 61 stories at AO3, 53 were rated T or M. The other eight stories were borderline cases. Therefore, taking my cue from Wattpad's content ratings, I now have only two ratings for my stories:

T = References to sexuality, brief onscreen violence, and/or sensitive topics.

M = Onscreen sex, extended onscreen violence, and/or extended treatment of sensitive topics.

I've made a few adjustments to my ratings of older stories to fit with my current definitions. As always, if you have specific content questions about my stories, you're welcome to shoot me an e-mail.
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Jo/e is in the hospital again, due to chest pains. He's going to have exploratory surgery done on him tomorrow, so I'm going to have to delay posting this week's online fiction.
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With the editing system I've had in place for the last few years, I've had good luck in catching language errors: typos, spelling/grammar mistakes, stylistic problems, etc. However, I continue to need help with story content issues, especially story continuity - that is, making sure that names/dates/facts/etc. don't suddenly warp into something different partway through a story or a series. (The classic example I mention in my website is me giving a character blue eyes in scene one and green eyes in scene two.) That sort of problem is darned hard for me to catch. I once had to pull a story from its submission rounds because I belatedly realized I'd put a character in it who had been dead for three centuries by the time the story began.

I realize that most of you haven't read all my stories within a single series (though if you have, bonus points), and some of you haven't read my stories at all. But even having someone catch the continuity errors within a single story would be valuable to me. If you could keep your eye out for any other content issues (such as insufficient character motivation), that would be helpful to me as well.

Here's the stories for which I'm in need of beta readers for content issues, by order of priority. If you're interested, please email me.

Boilerplate warning for all my stories. Do let me know of topics you wish to avoid.

Emancipation (Life Prison) )
Truth and Trust (The Eternal Dungeon: Sweet Blood #5) )
The Awakening (Dungeon Guards) )
Initiation (Life Prison: Hell's Messenger #3) )
Breached Boundaries (The Three Lands) )
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If you're here because I'm no longer posting at LiveJournal, welcome! Make yourself at home.

(If you're a Dreamwidth person, you may have missed this fuss. So I'll repeat what I said there: If you haven't already done so, download stories you like at LiveJournal. A lot of LJ users are deleting their accounts, and though I haven't checked, some LJ communities may shut down too.)
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There are all sorts of warnings going around social media at the moment that, if you're an author, you risk damaging your brand if you post about political matters.

I'm therefore bemused to announce that (1) nobody unsubscribed from my e-mail list when I urged people not to vote for Mr. Trump in November, and (2) four people have unsubscribed from my e-mail list since I began announcing installments of my female-protagonist novel a week ago.

Mind you, it could be they unsubscribed because I've been posting so often. In case that's the problem, I should give fair warning that this is how my story-posting schedule is going to go this year. I've got over a million words' worth of stories (old and new) to post online during the next couple of years. Since I'm going to be online nearly daily for the foreseeable future, I figure the best way to keep from inundating you folks with too much daily wordage is to serialize longer works. The trade-off to that is that you'll be getting daily or near-daily posts from me whenever I serialize. I realize this is going to be too many e-mails / posts for some of you, and I'll understand if you feel the need to unsubscribe. I hope, though, that most of you will enjoy the more frequent story announcements.
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Sorry about the lack of e-book updates, folks. I've been sick, and now my online laptop is sick. As soon as the laptop is either fixed or replaced, I'll be able to return to publishing and to updating my website.
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As a follow-up to my previous post, here's the list of e-books that will remain available in multiformat for the foreseeable future.

In the series The Eternal Dungeon:

The Eternal Dungeon: a Turn-of-the-Century omnibus (just reissued; I don't yet have the bookstore links at my website).



The Balance.

On Guard (just reissued; I don't yet have the bookstore links at my website).

The Unanswered Question.

Green Ruin (to be posted at AO3 soon).

In the series Commando:

Spy Hill.

In the series Young Toughs:

AI & Queue (upcoming; also available at AO3).

In the series Master/Other:

Debt Price (also available at AO3).

Pleasure (also available at AO3).

Because of Smashwords's blastedly difficult author dashboard, I've had to take down the titles there tonight (except for the above-mentioned titles). However, my multiformat e-books (all of them) remain available at my OmniLit / All Romance eBooks store (different link than I posted before) and my Gumroad store until at least Thursday, May 19.
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If you're a Kindle Unlimited member, congratulations. Lots of my e-books will soon be available to you.

If you're not a Kindle Unlimited member but you buy Kindle books, you're not affected in any way. My e-books will still be available for purchase at Amazon.

If you read my e-books in other formats, such as epub or pdf, read on. I offer some suggestions further on for how you can continue to read my e-books.

Which e-books will be appearing in Kindle Unlimited? )
The timeline for placing my e-books in Kindle Unlimited and removing them from other bookstores )
What to do if you don't read Kindle e-books )
Why I'm doing this )

If you have any questions, do e-mail me or post your questions in the comments.
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I'm looking for someone with a knowledge of finances to take a quick look at an Eternal Dungeon manuscript, 8000 words long, featuring finances. (If you know nineteenth-century American finances, doubly good, but I don't imagine there are many of you like that out there.) The finances in the story are very simple and should be straightforward enough for me to get right, but given my abysmal knowledge of finances, I'm taking no chances.

If you can help out, I'd appreciate it if you'd drop me a line. I'll need your email address to send you the story.
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Well, after promising the readers of my new feed-list that I'd only be posting here a couple of times a month, I've decided to take part in the ROW80 writers' challenge, which will cause me to post weekly about my progress. I'm awfully sorry about that and hope that such frequency isn't too much of a bother for those of you who receive my blog entries by e-mail (or who are only here for the book announcements). I thought of putting the ROW80 posts elsewhere, but I know that there are a fair number of folks here who are interested in the writing-and-publishing process, so this seemed the logical place to post about the writers' challenge I'm participating in. These weekly ROW80 posts will take the place of my monthly Daily Life entries for October, November, and December.
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As I've mentioned in the past, I earn my living through writing. Up till now, virtually all of my living expenses have been paid for by a donor. However, that source of money is gradually going to be phased out. This year, the donor - and the small amount of money that Noakes can afford to pay me for rent - will pay for my necessities: food, shelter, and medical care. However, my writing income will have to pay for everything else: my transportation, my professional expenses (books, convention attendance, library subscriptions, computer expenses, etc.), my cat's vet expenses, and so forth.

I'm currently earning $50 a month from my writing. This is a problem.

What this means for my readers )
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I think it's time for all of us - including, most definitely, myself - to be reminded of the rules at this blog, which are stated on my profile.

* * *

THE SUSAN RULES (not scary! not scary!)

As posted by author Susan R. Matthews on 23 June 2007 at HisExcellency, a fan e-mail list devoted to her science fiction. Reprinted with her permission because I thoroughly agree. --DP

The Susan Rules of Engagement, or How I Expect People to Behave In This Group . . .

(1) Critical remarks about something I've said in my novels or said in this group are not personal insults, and I don't take them as such.

(2) Differences of opinion with other people or with the text are not personal insults either, and should not be taken as such (I don't).

(3) Intelligent, articulate, insightful people (like those who read my novels) (hee hee) are naturally passionate about things that have captured their interest. Please play nice.

* * *

So how do we criticize or react to criticism without breaking the rules? There are various ways to do that, all equally valid, and maybe you folks can post here some ideas of your own. But if you're at a loss for ideas, here's some examples of possible ways to offer criticism or respond to criticism.

Some ways in which to play nice )
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Yasuhime12 asked whether discussions of the Waterman stories are allowed here. Yes, please! Discussions of my stories are always allowed here; I just sometimes forget to beg for them.

(I should mention that story discussions usually take place at LiveJournal, if you want to be where the conversations are thickest. But you folks are welcome to comment at any of my blogs.)
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As always, I welcome comments from folks who don't have accounts at my blogging services. But due to repeated spamming at my DW blog (we're talking real spam - comments that are illegible), I'm going to have to screen all anonymous comments from this point forth. You can still post anonymously at my LJ and IJ blogs without going through the screening procedure. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait a bit for your anonymous comment to show up.
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I'm entering into my usual fall/winter hermitage in order to write write write fiction. (Wish me luck. Last year's hermitage wasn't much of a hermitage.) With luck, I'll come online about once a month - or less - to pick up e-mail, do needed research, and post Daily Life and Progress Report entries. If you need to get ahold of me over the fall and winter about a time-sensitive matter, please CC your e-mail to my personal assistant (i.e. my apprentice).

Also, if my Muse is cooperative (*pauses to glare at exceedingly uncooperative Muse, who smiles cheerfully back*), I'll be coming online some time in late December to post my holiday gift fic. I can't say at this point which December holiday I'll be posting it on. Hey, I need to leave an element of surprise in the gift-giving.

Finally, a round-up of "thank yous" and "you're welcomes" for the recent posts from MightyMaeve, Lizardlez, and Thetammyjo; a big thank you to Rose Red for continuing the book-buying struggle; and a "sorry" to Yonmei for breaking off in the middle of our discussion - but keep posting, please!

That goes for the rest of you too. Post any replies to my old posts that you want, and I'll get back to you in one of my "reply to comments" round-ups.
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And which e-book software do you use, if I'm not being too nosy?

If you have an e-book reader that accesses HTML, I'm also curious as to whether my Website turns up properly in your e-book reader.

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