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Daily life: Health, writing, Internet addiction, & my day job | #writerslife #amwriting

"Until the Web came around, I'd successfully avoided the addiction gauntlet. I'd steered clear of any trouble with gambling, booze, drugs, and porn. To be blindsided by the Internet (my helpful and wonderful friend!) doesn't seem fair."

--James Sturm: Life Without the Web.


I'm walking again. I'm not prepared to say at this point that the bunion operation was a success. My podiatrist says, Give it time. We'll see. But I'm walking again!


I've got a new schedule now:


Waking up: Draft stories in my head.

Before breakfast: Write a scene.

Do laundry and make breakfast.

Breakfast: Lightly edit or proofread a story.

(As needed.) Post a story or chapter online.

Finances, morning news, RSS feeds, e-mail, and phone calls.

(As weather permits.) Get out of the apartment.

Day job.

Housework while drafting stories in my head.

Day job.

Housework while drafting stories in my head.

Make lunch.

Lunch: Lightly edit or proofread a story.

Day job.

Housework while drafting stories in my head.

Day job.

Make dinner.

Dinner: Read fiction.

Evening news, RSS feeds, and e-mail.

(As time permits.) Read fiction.

Falling asleep: Draft stories in my head.

Whenever I can squeeze in the time: Do heavy editing or layout.


As you may gather, this schedule requires me to be offline except for work reasons and except for brief checks in the morning and evening. I'm doing my best to resist the irresistible lure of Tumblr.


Gah, this is taking too long, but I hope to launch my "historical research for fiction writers" business next month. (Of course, I've been saying that for two months now.)

I decided to experiment in October, November, and December to see whether I could take part in online forums (for authors or for other professionals in my field), which would greatly assist me in my new business.

Yeah, right. I spent January and February desperately trying to pull myself out of acute web addiction. I finally seem to have succeeded, as much as I ever do.

So, other than tending my business's new Twitter account, I'm going to have to confine my day-job marketing to word of mouth and interviews. I have no idea whether that will be enough. Jeez, do I hate the discoverability factor of running a business.


Since I was bedbound from late October to late January, I haven't done much of this. Neither has Jo/e; he has been undergoing his usual winter illnesses since November. Don't ask what the state of our kitchen counter is like. I'm tackling the decluttering first; then I'll take a deep breath and address the disaster area called the kitchen. Plus laundry.