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"It is not much good, transcribing part of your autobiography into your story . . . , it seldom fits, the ends don't mesh; but what you have read and what you have done and what you have felt and what you know are, after all, the only things you as a writer have to sell, and in some way they gurgle through the sloshy pipes of the brain, losing an amino acid here and picking up an enzyme there, and what emerges is part of you. Probably the best part of you. The best part of all of us is in what we write."

--Frederik Pohl.

How I reply to comments at this blog.

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This is a post combining illustrations and a trip report for "Men and Lads," for those of you who would like to follow along on the characters' journey. It's best if you read the story and the historical note before reading this, but there are maps at the beginning of each section below, if that's all you're looking for.

Includes minor spoilers for 'Men and Lads' )

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"Any assumption that gay men will write with most authority about gayness is immediately challenged by inescapable evidence - by the success, for instance, of E. M. Forster's women - and by the common-sense observation that the essence of imagination is its ability to enter into experiences beyond the writer's own. This being so, there seems no reason why the converse case, of a heterosexual writing about gay characters, should excite even the mildest surprise."

--Neil Powell in the 15 September 1995 issue of The Times Literary Supplement.

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