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The Eternal Dungeon

After his love-mate had been escorted weeping from the great entry hall, nothing was left to distract his mind from what was to come.

Ten minutes left to contemplate what lies ahead, before the end begins.

Read online or download as a free e-book: The Whipping Post (The Eternal Dungeon).

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On Guard

New serialization:

"'Shall we allow criminals to roam the streets at will because we're afraid to take the chance of harming an innocent prisoner?'"

A bloody knife from a crime scene becomes a mystery to be solved and a foreshadow of trouble to come.

The ties forged between the noble-minded Eternal Dungeon and an abusive foreign dungeon have set off an unpredictable chain of horrific events, in which the love between two of the Eternal Dungeon's Seekers (torturers) will be tested to the straining point. Caught in the middle of the struggle are Barrett Boyd and Seward Sobel, loyal guards who will find themselves questioning their most fundamental beliefs about the royal prison's ideals.

Barrett must help his Seeker determine whether their mild-mannered prisoner is an attempted murderer. His friend Seward has pledged to guard his own Seeker against an assassin . . . or should Seward be protecting the dungeon inhabitants against his Seeker? But when the guards' two Seekers fall into a lovers' quarrel, that is when the real danger begins.

Read online or download as a free e-book: On Guard (The Eternal Dungeon, Vol. 4). Bookstore version: On Guard.

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"There was trouble here. He was determined to find and break the troublemaker."

Midwinter's god is as cold as cruelty and as warm as a loving heart.

Winter solstice begins the sacred season of Hell's Fast, when Hell's worshippers sacrifice food for the sake of the underworld god. But the High Seeker of the Eternal Dungeon is in no fit mood for holy rituals; duty has deprived him of the presence of his new love-mate.

Then comes trouble, in the form of an invader to the High Seeker's privacy and comfort. . . .

This story is a 2016 holiday gift fic for Dusk Peterson's readers.

Read online or download as a free e-book: Shifts (The Eternal Dungeon).

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"He was the flame, and his love-mate was the kindling. To say they were mismatched was an understatement. He knew that it was only a matter of time before their relationship was tested. . . . Layle had simply not expected the test to be a pile of dirty dishes."

They are two of the most talented prison-workers in the world. It's a pity their skills don't extend to dishwashing.

When the kitchen laborers of the queendom's royal prison refuse to clean dishes until their demands are met, the High Seeker and his love-mate must figure out how to accomplish simple housework that elite men such as themselves never condescend to do. It seems an easy enough task. But hidden between the two men lie memories and secrets that will turn a simple task into something much more.

Read online or download as a free e-book: In Hot Water (The Eternal Dungeon).

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"A lone woman in a man's world, attempting to survive by men's rules, without in any way discarding her womanly nature. It was a paradox she had lived with for years."

The guards who serve under her are mocking her. In other words, it's an ordinary workday.

After seven years of enduring trouble from the guards of the Eternal Dungeon, the royal prison's only female Seeker is determined to bring matters under her control. But how can Birdesmond Manx Chapman do so when nearly every man in the dungeon thinks she shouldn't work there?

It will take wisdom and wit and not a little slyness for her to see her way through this test of her courage. And she mustn't forget that the man who most resents her presence is the dangerous High Seeker. . . .

Read online or download as a free e-book: Ma'am (The Eternal Dungeon).

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