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What was happening during this time: My parents were trying to find a school that would take me in. They weren't succeeding.

Background to my retro daily life entries

My problems at school and my time at a psychiatric ward )
Loading on the guilt trip to school officials )
Tutor )
A new school )
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What was happening during this time: The calm before the storm. My discipline problems at school and home were building, though I touch only lightly on them in these entries. I was disappearing deeper into my fantasy life, as you'll see.

Background to my retro daily life entries.

New Year's Eve celebrations )
Trouble with the physical education teacher )
Off to the psychiatrist again )
Spy notes )
Spy plans )
Dancing )
No P.E.! )
A budding hurt/comfort writer )
Movie outing )
Cathedral outing )
Playwright )
A change of schools )
Where I got my ideas for practical jokes )
Criminal life )
The eve of a great change )
Misery is . . . )
Trent (early fiction) )
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This is the first journal I ever kept, at the beginning of sixth grade. In imitation of the notebook kept by Harriet the Spy (I had recently read Louise Fitzhugh's novel about her), it was a stream-of-consciousness journal, where I gave a blow-by-blow account of my activities.

What was happening during this time: I was on my way to being expelled from sixth grade. (That happened the following spring.) I was bored with my schoolwork, was teased by many of my classmates, and was unbearably self-centered and whiny. I was also suffering from clinical depression and was engaging in what the school counsellor referred to euphemistically as "anti-social behavior." (I threw chairs at people when I got angry.) So this is my "rebel without a cause" notebook.

Background to my retro daily life entries

A trip to the psychiatrist )
School and a party )
Not a good day )
Playing hookey )
A love affair )
It was on January 18, 2005 That It Happened (early fiction) )

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