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"She will still talk to people, but it will be in a withdrawn way."

--A priest discussing a new Scottish hermit, as quoted by The Press and Journal.

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As some of you will have noticed, I've been a little backed up in responding to comments to this blog. Unfortunately, I lost all my e-mails prior to April 2014 (yes, that's how backed up I am), but here's my replies to the rest. I hope I didn't miss anyone - if I did, let me know.

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This comment by Musicman is interesting enough to bump to the head of the blog:

"You could do a m/f version of one of your stories, to change the sex of one character and see if it sells on the m/f romance? Do it under a pseudonym so you don't ruin your rep as a m/m writer? It might make for an interesting experiment."

Not unless the character was Millard. :)

Filing off the gender serial numbers of my stories isn't as easy as all that. Being gender-neutral, I depend on my readers to tell me whether I do a good job of portraying male and female characters (in terms of the characters' gender-based characteristics). But I do know that, if I changed the gender of any of characters, I'd have to rip up my story settings entirely. With the exception of a couple of my contemporary stories, my story settings are either all-male or patriarchal. If you turned, say, Merrick into a woman, having a female prisoner in an all-male prison would have some impact. :) And an all-female turn-of-the-century prison would be run entirely differently. (I've been tempted to write about turn-of-the-century female prisons, because they're so interesting.)

I have, in fact, written m/f - though, like my m/m, the romance in those stories tends not to be the central plotline in the series as a whole. At the moment, there's Right or Right and Never, as well as m/f subplots in Green Ruin, Blood Vow, and Law of Vengeance. There are more m/f plotlines coming up in The Three Lands, Princeling, Waterman, Michael's House, and even Loren's Lashes (if I ever get around to finishing that series). And, in case you hadn't noticed, I write as much friendship fiction as m/m, so my rep as an m/m author was ruined long ago. :) I hold to the theory - also held by Maculategiraffe, Manna Francis, and many other original slashers - that there's no need for segregation of orientations in fiction series.

The issue is really one of marketing. I don't have enough m/f stories to effectively market myself as an m/f writer. So I'd either have to gradually accumulated enough stories in that subgenre (which I'm happy enough to do), or I'd have to immediately put my m/m stories aside to work on m/f, with no guarantee that I'd be any more likely to earn money as an m/f writer than I do as an m/m writer. As you can imagine, I'm not keen on the latter idea.
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"Stuffed animals are good. I have a sheep and a teddybear and a ladybug and a dragon in my bed right now. Acting my age? Totally overrated."

--Eledhwenlin. Wiggletail (my stuffed dog) and Julian (my stuffed octopus) heartily agree.

How I reply to comments at this blog.

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"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."

--Hans Hofmann.

How I reply to comments at this blog.

Am still catching up on e-mail. (Yes, Spiralred, I got your note.) I'm sorry about that, but for a while there, I couldn't lift my iPod Touch without swelling. But the antibiotic seems to be doing its job finally; I'm a little better.

Just a thought for today: If a fanatical Christian had bombed a Jewish community center, and if some of the people who were killed in the community center were Christians, would so many Americans oppose the building of a church near the bombing site?

9/11 articles:

Visiting Ground Zero, Asking Allah for Comfort (The New York Times).

Spreading Hate, One Prejudice at a Time (Hindustan Times).

Nine Years Ago (Meg Cabot).

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Just to underline the big news above: My apprentice is moving here! He's such a sweetheart, uprooting himself from family and friends and the best social worker in the world, in order to brave the unknowns of Maryland.

Just because I need him. He's a treasure.

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(A blank space here where I planned to reprint a really good Rilke quotation about death that I read recently . . . but my memory loss is causing me to forget which book I saw it in. Hey, at least I remember it was Rilke.)

How I reply to comments at this blog.

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