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"1. Please do not enter without knocking.

"2. Please do not knock."

--Sign that Jack London placed on his door when writing.

July 2009: 1 story published. 1 novel and 2 stories reprinted )
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"George R.R. Martin is the hugely successful purveyor of an ongoing, seven-volume fantasy series called A Song of Ice and Fire. Four books are done. The first three came quickly, then there was a five-year wait for the fourth. The first indicated publication date for the fifth instalment, fiercely awaited, was 2006. That has rather obviously been missed: Martin is still writing it. The natives are restless.

"How restless? Well, on his blog, cutely called Not a Blog, Martin fired back two weeks ago at what he called 'a rising tide of venom' about how late he is. Seems some of his loyal and devoted readers are savagely attacking him for taking holidays, for watching football in the fall, for attending conventions, doing workshops, editing a volume of short stories, even for being '60 years old and fat' (I'm quoting here, trust me) - the implication being he might drop dead before fulfilling his obligation to do nothing else but finish the damned series. . . .

"Martin wasn't happy. 'Maybe it's okay if I take a leak once in a while?' he wrote. His blog response was accompanied by a flashing 'angry' icon face.

"It is all too easy for another writer to sympathize, and I do, hugely, but I can't help but note that the only reason readers know about holidays and football games (and his favourite team) is that Martin has told them. On his blog."

--Guy Gavriel Kay: Release the Fans!

May 2009: 5 stories and 1 novel reprinted )
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"Sudden onset homophobia on Amazon's part was just one of many eventually disproved conspiracy theories, all of which distracted from truly shocking story here: Mark Probst attempted to contact someone at Amazon . . . and someone actually contacted him back!

"Seriously. Dude. Is that something you ever expect to accomplish in your life?"

--Helen A.S. Popkin: Shocking Truth Behind Amazon's 'Glitch'.

April 2009: A really rotten month for everything except research )
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"Nalo Hopkinson once said something along the lines of 'writing a novel is like wrestling with a mattress.' I thought that was a bull's eye description of the process. A novel is bigger than you are, it's bulky, it's hard to grasp, it threatens to fall over on you, it doesn't go where you want it without shoves, prods, kicks and swearing. The joy might come when you've finally got the unwieldy thing where you want it."

--Patricia A. McKillip.

February 2009 total wordage: 37,650 )

"I tend to research as I go, but I got into historical fiction with a basic knowledge of 19th century English culture, etc. The day-to-day details kill me all the time, and I always end up spending way more time researching on, say, a certain rug pattern common in Victorian households, when all I need is a quick reference to it in one sentence. It's insane. Historical fiction writers are born masochists with our own personal floggers hot glued to our clammy hands."

--Hayden Thorne.

March 2009: Mainly a research and layout month, but I also got 8440 words written )
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"Work: get something done, though that something may not be much, and it may be at times dull work doing it."

--Hugo Daniel Harper to the boys of Sherborne School, Dorset, in 1877; as quoted by L. V. Lester in A Memoir of Hugo Daniel Harper (1896).

January 2009 total wordage: 37,470 )

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