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"Another sneaky bit of psychological exploration, the author's specialty." —Four-and-a-half-star review of Noble (Princeling) by Rosemary O'Malley at Goodreads.

"Intriguing description of alternative birth of psychology – in a dungeon. Layle is an incredible character, complex and unsettling. . . . [The series] requires much from the reader, especially when it requires from the reader to see things from the characters' perspective that is vastly different from our own. . . . Fascinating premise and characters I would like to know more about." —Four-star review (with major spoilers) of The Eternal Dungeon by Lady*M at Goodreads.

duskpeterson: An apprentice builds a boat as a man looks on. (Default)
Cover for Noble

The second half of Noble is now available online. In addition, the next volume of the series has been announced. The next volume's summary and excerpts have major spoilers for the first volume, so it would be best not to scroll down to it till you're through with the first.

The blood throbbed through my wrist as though his fingers were still clamped there. I turned stiffly to face him.

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