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Engarian's blurb: After the defeat of Sauron, Aragorn turns to the job of ruling and rebuilding. He is visited by his Steward escorting two men who are worried about the future of their jobs - torturers in the dungeon.

Aragorn cast a sharp look at his Steward, then focused on the two men standing respectfully, in partially hidden in shadow. He beckoned, waving them forward. "Come closer. You look somewhat familiar. . . . Smith, isn't it?"

(Ohmygosh, my characters have met Strider. I'm not sure I can contain my palpitations.)
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I must confess that, whenever I've thought of music in connection with any of my stories, it's always been classical music (which is why the booktrailers for my stories have nearly always featured classical music).

But when I chanced upon this song, I dearly wished I could have turned it into a vid for my fic.

So here's a challenge to any fanvidders here: If you appreciate the appropriateness of the song as much as I do, and you'd like to give me and my readers a gift, please turn this song into a fanvid. I think the song would be spot on for the main pairing of Waterman, but if you ship differently, it would also work for the main pairing of The Eternal Dungeon or even Life Prison.
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J. Albert Rusla has produced another delightful bit of fan art for my Three Lands series. This one is entitled Eat the Dead. You can find it linked from the Three Lands section of Shared universes: works set in Dusk Peterson's worlds by other authors and artists.
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Cover for 'As a Seeker'

The Eternal Dungeon, a historical fantasy series on friendship and romance in a Victorian prison, has proved to be the most popular series I've written. Its omnibus e-book received three honors in the Rainbow Awards 2011, including winning the Best Gay Fantasy category.

The Eternal Dungeon is ten years old this year. Although I conceived the storyline some time in the 1990s, I began to write down the series on March 14, 2002. By the end of that month, I'd written 59,000 words about the Eternal Dungeon. (I spent the first half of the month finishing The True Master and writing all of the Life Prison novella. It was a busy month.) The first volume of the Eternal Dungeon series was serialized on slash fiction lists between September 2012 and January 2013.

If you've enjoyed reading the series, join the festivities. Chat with other readers of the series as I publish more Eternal Dungeon stories during the next few weeks. Post about some aspect of the series that intrigues you. Draw a picture of your favorite character. Post a vid about the series. Write a fanfic.  Let me and your fellow fans know how you're celebrating: post a comment to this entry (you can post announcements, discussions, and creations here) or drop me an e-mail. If you'd like, I can link to your creation at Shared Universes, which collects links to fanworks inspired by my stories.

In the meantime, I would like to offer my profound thanks to the many slash fiction writers (especially these writers) whose stories spurred me into a frenzy of writing activity in 2002. Without the inspiration of those folks, most of the stories I've written in the ten years since then would not exist.

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"Because you were talking about being new and everything, I am sort of trying to nurture your posting process and draw you out the way people were nice enough to do to me when I was new and terrifed, so you keep posting forever and ever and ever . . .

"(only unfortunately my version of subtle nurturing and tactful drawing-out is 'OMFG C'MERE EVERYBODY COME LOOK AT THIS OMG SQUEE!!')"

--Maculategiraffe to fellow writer Mydonald.

How I reply to comments at this blog (usually).

First the dull stuff:

What I did for my Muse recently )
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And now the really good stuff:

Links related to my writings: fanfic, fan art, reviews, and a new essay by me )

Sorry, guys, I'm still catching up on replying to your comments. I decided to post this now, rather than make you wait forever.

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