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[This interview originally appeared in the March 2016 newsletter of Tami Veldura, who writes science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, and queer fiction. Because of a formatting glitch, I've combined her questions with my answers as I originally sent them to her (except for the links, which I've added here).]

Today's interview with Dusk touches on apprenticeship, history, and alternate universes. They've written and published over 70 books. They read and write almost exclusively historical works.

Q&A )
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I pressed my Muse hard and persuaded him to finish writing Law Links (The Three Lands) today, November 8. I began writing that novel fourteen years ago, almost to the day: November 15, 1995.

By coincidence, this year happens to be the thirtieth anniversary of the original draft of the first Three Lands story I wrote, Blood Vow. In honor of that, I thought I'd show three versions each of two scenes from the novel, so that you can see how my writing has ceased being absolutely dreadful progressed.

The first appearance of the Chara in 'Blood Vow,' just after my 16th birthday. Spoilers for Part One of 'Blood Vow.' Warning for bad teenage humor. )
The same scene re-written one year later )
The final version of that scene, age 45 )
The first appearance of Lord Carle, in a passing reference, as part of a flashback )
The second appearance of Lord Carle. Warning for a horrible simile. )
The final version of that scene, age 45 )
Journal entries about 'Blood Vow,' 1979-1995, with major spoilers )
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What was happening during this time: The calm before the storm. My discipline problems at school and home were building, though I touch only lightly on them in these entries. I was disappearing deeper into my fantasy life, as you'll see.

Background to my retro daily life entries.

New Year's Eve celebrations )
Trouble with the physical education teacher )
Off to the psychiatrist again )
Spy notes )
Spy plans )
Dancing )
No P.E.! )
A budding hurt/comfort writer )
Movie outing )
Cathedral outing )
Playwright )
A change of schools )
Where I got my ideas for practical jokes )
Criminal life )
The eve of a great change )
Misery is . . . )
Trent (early fiction) )
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This is the first journal I ever kept, at the beginning of sixth grade. In imitation of the notebook kept by Harriet the Spy (I had recently read Louise Fitzhugh's novel about her), it was a stream-of-consciousness journal, where I gave a blow-by-blow account of my activities.

What was happening during this time: I was on my way to being expelled from sixth grade. (That happened the following spring.) I was bored with my schoolwork, was teased by many of my classmates, and was unbearably self-centered and whiny. I was also suffering from clinical depression and was engaging in what the school counsellor referred to euphemistically as "anti-social behavior." (I threw chairs at people when I got angry.) So this is my "rebel without a cause" notebook.

Background to my retro daily life entries

A trip to the psychiatrist )
School and a party )
Not a good day )
Playing hookey )
A love affair )
It was on January 18, 2005 That It Happened (early fiction) )

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