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"There are certain pitfalls you might fall into [when writing m/m fiction], especially [if] you decide to write historicals, but don't panic, I'm here to help. . . .

"When creating a historical character, it's vital to give him morals and sensibilities that the 21st reader will easily comprehend. He must eschew slavery, be entirely politically correct (for the 21st century, remember, not the times in which he lives) and fight to correct injustice like a historical superhero. He will be outwardly proud of being gay and will not attempt to hide it. He will - if he can - marry his beloved in church."

"Whatever you do, don't get bogged down in the era where your hero lives. Don't hesitate to call him Lance, or Calico or Lennon. There's nothing nicer than having a really unusual aristocrat, like Lord Amber or Baron Damocles."

--"Spare Us the Details, Please!" by Erastes, who goes on to note the value of using weather names like Frost or Storm or Zephyr or . . .

(Um. Well. At least I didn't foist my nickname on any of my characters.)

Anniversary (non)celebration
24 May 2017

Just past midnight on May 25th, ten years ago, Jo/e and I became mentor and apprentice. It happened like this:


Me (sobbing on the virtual shoulder of one of my readers, whom I barely know, over an incident I've just undergone of trans bigotry): "Nobody's ever going to want to be mentored by me!"

Jo/e: "Ummm . . ."


I, of course, totally forgot the celebration we were supposed to have today, even though we talked about the celebration at length two days ago, and I marked it on the calendar. (Sometimes I feel like a 1980s public service announcement: "This is your brain. This is your brain on hypomania.")

Jo/e, of course, totally remembered the day and put together a special playlist for me of songs he thinks about in relation to me.

Me (last weekend): "You're the most wonderful blessing in my life."

Jo/e: "That's funny. I think you're the most wonderful blessing in my life."

Me: "Good thing we're in sync, right?"

Stubborn Muses and rebellious characters
26 May 2017

My Muse is continuing to be stubbornly opposed to producing more scenes in "Death Mask" (The Three Lands) - he even darted off to work on The Eternal Dungeon at one point - so okay, fine, I let him work on "Empty Dagger Hand." That's likely to be the next new Three Lands novel I issue after "Death Mask" and Breached Boundaries", and like "Breached Boundaries," it's a mega-novel. I think I'm about halfway through it now, though it's hard to tell, because the Lieutenant, who's an utterly shameless scene-stealer, keeps enticing me to write more scenes with him in it. It's a good thing that he's not the sort of character I can write another sequel about (a prequel would be too depressing), because otherwise he might entice me into writing eight novels with him in it, the way Carle did. The Lieutenant has so many layers that he surprises me every time he strolls sidles into view.

Though not as much as the protagonist of "Empty Dagger Hand" did. Man, did I misjudge him. (Like everyone else did, but that's no comfort.) It's a good thing I write scenes out of order, because if I'd written the climactic scene last, I'd have had to tear my manuscript to pieces and start from scratch.

"Star Trek Beyond"
27 May 2017

Jo/e and I had our belated anniversary celebration today with pizza, shakes, and "Star Trek Beyond," which we missed seeing in the theater last year because of my eye injury.

It was good "enjoy it once and forget it" entertainment, with suspense, humor, and plot holes. (Me to Jo/e: "Is it just me, or is it weird that he's delivering lectures on unity to a guy who owns a beehive?") The movie would satisfy most action fans, and I am happy to report that there was no gratuitous half-nudity. However, the character growth and relationships are handled in a perfunctory manner, particularly Spock/Uhura. That said, I'll still recommend the movie for its jokes and for its touching tributes.

Date: 2017-05-29 05:44 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] anais_pf
Happy anniversary!

Date: 2017-05-29 08:34 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] musicman
Congratulations, you two, and many happy returns!

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