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If you're a Kindle Unlimited member, congratulations. Lots of my e-books will soon be available to you.

If you're not a Kindle Unlimited member but you buy Kindle books, you're not affected in any way. My e-books will still be available for purchase at Amazon.

If you read my e-books in other formats, such as epub or pdf, read on. I offer some suggestions further on for how you can continue to read my e-books.


Virtually all of my upcoming e-books and most of my older e-books. The exceptions are as follows:

* The stories in the main plotline of The Eternal Dungeon: "Rebirth," "Transformation," "The Balance," "On Guard," and "The Unanswered Question." I haven't yet decided whether to add those to Kindle Unlimited. If I decide to do so, I'll post a notice here like this one. In the meantime, those e-books remain available in multiformat.

* A handful of other stories that I can't place in Kindle Unlimited because they appear in other publications, such as Spy Hill. These will continue to remain available in multiformat.


For those of you who don't know: Amazon requires exclusive rights to distribute e-books that appear in its Kindle Unlimited program. So I can't sell those e-books elsewhere.

My Three Lands novels Blood Vow and Law of Vengeance are now available in Kindle Unlimited. (Those e-books were already unavailable in multiformat.)

The other e-books that I'm planning to place in Kindle Unlimited will remain for sale at my Smashwords store, my All Romance eBooks store, and my Gumroad store until at least Thursday, May 19. At that point, I will begin adding older e-books to Kindle Unlimited, which means removing them from everywhere else.

Virtually all of my upcoming e-books will be placed in Kindle Unlimited.


First of all, a reminder: You don't have to own a Kindle to read a Kindle e-book. There are Kindle apps available for Macs, PCs, and mobile devices.

However, assuming that you already know that and prefer not to read e-books on Kindle apps, you have two options.

Option #1

All of my Kindle e-books are DRM-free, so you can buy them and convert them to your preferred reading format. The steps by which to do so are:

* Back up the Kindle e-book to your computer. See the linked page for instructions. I'd suggest that Kindle customers back up all their e-books, regardless as to whether they wish to convert their Kindle books, because Amazon has a troublesome history of removing e-books from readers' devices.

* Convert the Kindle e-book to your preferred format, using either a free online converter (such as Online-convert or Zanzar) or a free offline converter (such as Calibre; see these conversion instructions).

Option #2

E-mail me. I'll try to find a solution that works for you. I really don't want to lose any of my non-Kindle readers.


This was a tough decision for me because (1) I value my non-Kindle readers, (2) I'm wary of giving too much of my business to Amazon, and (3) I don't read Kindle e-books myself, so making my e-books Kindle-only seemed a bit hypocritical.

However I had several compelling reasons to place my e-books in Kindle Unlimited, which I'll try to summarize quickly:

1) I'm not earning enough money, and my financial situation has turned dire. An income of three dollars a day just isn't paying the bills. I don't know for certain whether making my e-books available at Kindle Unlimited will help matters - KU authors are reporting very mixed results in e-book borrows - but I have no choice but to try.

2) I'm not gaining enough new readers, and the readers that I already have are not (on average) reading many of my stories. This is a separate issue from my earning money, because the easiest the way to get readers' eyeballs fastened on my stories would be to post all my stories at Archive of Our Own. However, I'm hoping I can make my stories easily available to readers and earn money. Amazon's subscription e-book service seems my best bet.

3) One of the factors I took into account in making my decision is that my sales outside of Amazon are low. If I leave aside the Eternal Dungeon novels, I'm earning only an average of ten dollars a month from non-Amazon sales. So clearly there isn't a large demand from readers for other formats.

4) Last month I spent sixty hours uploading and promoting my stories. By contrast, I spent seventy hours creating and laying out new stories. I don't like those proportions. Selling my e-books only at Amazon, and making them available through Kindle Unlimited, will cut back on the amount of time I have to spend on uploading and promoting my e-books. The less time I spend on uploading and promoting my e-books, the more time I can spend on bringing out new e-books.

If you have any questions, do e-mail me or post your questions in the comments.

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