Sep. 27th, 2013

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I've been busy. :) I prepared this for fandom, so it comes complete with movie-style ratings and powerfic categories. (Those of you unfamiliar with fandom terminology should know that "slash" means "gay" and "gen" means the plotline doesn't center on romantic/sexual pairings. "Het" is self-explanatory.)

  The Eternal Dungeon )Life Prison )Commando )Michael's House )Waterman )The Three Lands )Princeling )Master/Other )Subtext )Whisper of Secrets )Main Street Leather )
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"So today I did 1.5 hours on workshops, 3 hours plus on layout of a magazine, finished some laundry and did dishes, had a half hour nap, watched 2.5 hours of television, did about an hour on e-mail and business, and still got just under 5,000 words of fiction written plus this blog."

--Dean Wesley Smith.

"It was my practice to be at my table [to write] every morning at 5.30 A.M.; and it was also my practice to allow myself no mercy. An old groom, whose business it was to call me, and to whom I paid £5 a year extra for the duty, allowed himself no mercy. During all those years at Waltham Cross he was never once late with the coffee which it was his duty to bring me. . . . I owe more to him than to any one else for the success I have had."

--Anthony Trollope.

Writing fic again )
Interesting stuff on the web, some by me )
E-mails from me to Noakes about fic-writing, Toughs research, and daily activities (minor spoilers for an upcoming story) )

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