Jul. 2nd, 2011

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"It is not much good, transcribing part of your autobiography into your story . . . , it seldom fits, the ends don't mesh; but what you have read and what you have done and what you have felt and what you know are, after all, the only things you as a writer have to sell, and in some way they gurgle through the sloshy pipes of the brain, losing an amino acid here and picking up an enzyme there, and what emerges is part of you. Probably the best part of you. The best part of all of us is in what we write."

--Frederik Pohl.

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The ties forged between the noble-minded Eternal Dungeon and the abusive Hidden Dungeon have set off an unpredictable chain of horrific events, in which the love between two Seekers (torturers) will be tested to the straining point. Caught in the middle of the struggle are Barrett Boyd and Seward Sobel, two loyal guards who will find themselves questioning their most fundamental beliefs about the Eternal Dungeon's ideals.


Parental supervision is strongly suggested for this story.

All of the novel as part of an e-book.

If something puzzles you about a story I post, throw your thoughts out by posting a comment. Some other readers might have ideas about how to solve the puzzle. (I'll only respond if someone directly addresses me; I'd rather hear your theories.) You can also post a question to get a discussion started, or offer feedback. One-word feedback is fine.

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