Mar. 11th, 2010

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"BLACKSBURG, VA—Scholars and critics across the country expressed outrage this week following the release of Chomper & Clomper, a children's book that some have called an irresponsible and exploitative portrayal of the celebrated friendship between Clomper, a Brandenburger gelding, and Chomper, a caterpillar of the Junonia genus. . . .

"'If we're to believe Mr. Radler, Chomper spent every day in an old oak tree by a sunny meadow without a care in the world, the ever-faithful Clomper neighing contentedly at his side,' said historian Donald McFarlane, who has written extensively about the duo's relationship in the context of post-Vietnam-era ethical discourse. "Certainly the two frequented this spot; but what of their sometimes bitter intellectual rivalry, or their wildly disparate notions concerning things as fundamental as how life ought to be lived?'

"'The author takes their friendship for granted and entirely misses the greater point: that Clomper, in many ways puritanical and dogmatic, and Chomper, the moral hedonist, were able to forge such a tender, lasting bond at all,' McFarlane continued. 'To reduce their hard-won mutual respect to something as simple as "Chomper and Clomper both loved to eat juicy green leaves" is certainly reckless, and possibly criminal.'"

--Friendship Between Caterpillar, Horse Exploited For Cheap Children's Book, an apt commentary from The Onion on the social value of friendship fiction, *ahem*.

(Honestly, why aren't there really these sorts of commentaries on friendship fiction? I'd die with happiness if I could read a periodical entitled Reviews of Friendship Fiction.)

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