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I and the co-owner of my house (with whom I've been negotiating for donkey's ages about the fate of our house, since he moved out) agreed today, after consulting with our lawyers and a real estate agent, that we will put this house on the market, to be sold as-is, in a week's time. (This is the house I've lived in since age eleven, *sniff, sniff*.) Depending on how long it takes for the house to sell, this means I could be moving out by March.

Which in turn means that I'll be moving (in all probability) to a two-bedroom, 700- to 800-square-foot apartment that I'll share with Noakes--

--and therefore have two months in which to prepare to move out of this four-level, five-bedrooms-and-a-den, 3000-square-foot house--

--which, thanks in part to me inheriting the full contents of my mother's apartment shortly before I became sick a few years ago, has twice as many contents as belong in a house this size (so we're really talking 6000 square feet's worth of belongings)--

--most of which are in an extreme state of disorganization--

--no, strike that, an extreme state of clutter (you know those houses in television programs about hoarders? Mine's almost as bad)--

--while I have no vehicle with which to take things to charities or recycling centers--

--during a period when (thanks to my surgery) I can't declutter for more than twenty minutes at a time before feeling so sick that I have to lie down for an hour.

Wish me luck, guys. :)

The good news is that, once I'm moved, I'll be able to devote a lot more of my attention to writing and publishing. Not my entire attention, mind you, because I expect I'll be taking a lot of still-to-be-sorted family papers with me. But I won't have to spend any more time worrying about home maintenance and rental income. (Just income, period. But we won't go into that.)

Date: 2014-01-10 06:54 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] chrysalis1975
I'll be praying for you on this one :( Sounds like quite an undertaking!! I wish I were there to help you out. . .

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