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I spent weeks trying to decide whether it was appropriate to post the previous Daily Life entry. I finally decided to do a single entry on that topic, because so much of my current professional life - not to mention home life - revolves around this that it was becoming hard to write Daily Life entries at all without making clear the background of my current struggles. I figured I'd lay out the background once for my readers, and then I could set the matter aside.

What I hadn't expected (but really should have, since the same thing happened last time) is the outpouring of support - both emotional and practical - that I received from you folks. (Also, there was an uptick in sales, which could have been a coincidence, but I kind of think wasn't.)

You guys are the greatest. I've been saying that for as long as I've had readers, because, from the start, I've had the best readers in the world. But you keep making that clear.

(Back to talking about more important stuff, namely the fiction.)

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