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My foot surgery went fine, but there've been a couple of minor complications since then that have delayed my recovery. Except for meals and bathroom breaks, I've been spending my days in bed, with my legs propped up, ice on my foot, and my smartphone in hand. Digital technology makes even lengthy convalescence bearable.

I'd like to report that I've taken this opportunity to write lots of stories with the aid of my Bluetooth keyboard, but the combination of the World Series (I'm a Cubs fan, having been born near Chicago), the presidential election, and the increasingly pressing need to launch my new business soon have all kept me distracted. Also, Twitter. I did write a couple of short stories, though.

I hope the rest of you are having a more fruitful NaNoWriMo. Any tales to share of your writing life?
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[These words were posted tonight at Twitter by an account that usually devotes itself to parody of a scientist. Not tonight.]

The future is never gone, never hopeless. No one has ever lived in the best possible world. There has always been a fight to fight.

No jokes tonight. Do not laugh and look away. Watch this, stay here. Burn this into memory. Wake up tomorrow: the fight will await you.

Tonight is different. This election is different. We are here, in this place and time, through no special providence or destiny--

--But we are here. We find ourselves with a job to do, no matter how hard, no matter the pain in our hearts. Do not shrink away.

FIGHT. Donate time, money, expertise. Come out of this cloud of distractions, from those that mock you and those that want your love alike.

Retweets are not actions. Work in your cities, vote and advocate, teach yourself and give to others.

This is the end of nothing. This is the beginning of something new and solemn and so important. You must be part of what comes next.

My children will not believe what I tell them about this tomorrow morning. They will cry. They will be confused and hurt and angry.

My job as a father is to do more than to just soothe. My job is to show with my mind and heart, with word and action, that I am with them--

--That I am not disheartened. That I will stand up. That there is another day and another fight and I will never stop fighting for them.

I will, until my heart breaks and my body fails, fight to smooth and shape this world for my children. To make for them a better world.

I will not show them despair and anger. I will show them fierce, brave love and hope born of sure knowledge that history arcs upward.

There is sunlight ahead, there is victory and a gentle peace for all, a future of truth and concord. We will not all see it.

But we will - must - fight. Fight, for the truth that must burn undimmed in your heart. Fight, for the love that we must kindle in the world.

Tonight is the beginning. The last old day has set. Wake tomorrow, and remember. Tonight is the beginning.

I pledge, tonight, for my children and my own aching heart, to dedicate myself to a better world. I will fight. I will love.

I will not despair. I will not give in. I am not done. We are not done. I will. I will. I will.
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For various reasons, I don't normally comment on politics at this blog. However, as many commentators have observed, this isn't an ordinary election year in the USA. In light of recent concerns expressed that violence might break out in the nation after Election Day, I feel it would be unethical of me to refrain from giving my view on the election.

So I'm going to make two suggestions. One is to folks who are sick at heart about the election and need a little levity in their lives. If you haven't already done so, have a look at the Saturday Night Live sketches about the election.

The other suggestion is to anyone who is voting in the election. You may be Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, some other party, or independent. Whatever your political affiliation (or lack thereof), I'd like you to read an article - to the end, to get its full effect:

This is what is at stake in this election.

(Comments to this post are left open, but keep in mind that I won't be able to moderate the blog after Thursday, so please take extra care to keep the discussion civil.)
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I'm scheduled to have bunion surgery on the afternoon of Friday, October 21st. (On Friday, Jo/e will tweet at his Twitter account how the surgery goes.) I should be back in shape to work within a month, possibly well before then. But till I'm over the worst of the pain, I'll be taking a break from posting stories and from responding to e-mail and comments.

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