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(Original challenges slightly altered, because I never do things quite the way other folks do.)

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I'll be informally attending What is Love? Romance Fiction in the Digital Age on Wednesday, 11 February 2014, as well as the previous evening's film about the romance community and a social gathering for romance folks on the evening of February 11 (you have one hour left to sign up for the social gathering, if you're reading this as I post this). If you'll be attending any of these events also - or are simply in the DC area at that time - and would like to get together, just drop me an email.

(By the way, attending this conference requires me to stay two nights at my parents' house, sans humidifier, in the dead of winter. Wish my dry eyes luck; they're going to need it.)
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"If thoughts are chaos and rush and feeling are chaos and rush, then person will see chaos, hear chaos, spread chaos and call chaos in to them. With music in ears and phones and computers not the time to see. Not the time to feel, or be."

--A Sherpa in Rolf and Ranger's Silver Bullet Everest.

The goals I did and didn't accomplish in 2014 )
My 2015 goals )
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I missed earlier announcements about this, so I only recently learned that Scribe (aka Scribe Mozell, Scribescribbles, and Miss Mozell) died last March 29 at the age of 55. I don't know the cause of death, but she had been in ill health for many years. She was a published m/m author but was best known for her fan fiction and for her original slash/het fiction, which dates back to at least the beginning of this century. (I'm not certain when she began posting her writings.)

I've linked at the bottom of this post to the death announcements and to her profiles and writings. (Her publisher's announcement of her death includes her offline name, which she never troubled much to hide; some of her writings contained both her offline name and one of her fan names. So I've linked to everything I could find.) But I'd like to say first what Scribe meant to me.

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"Author's note: Oh God, I don't know what came over me. I'll go iron my hands now."


This post is divided into parts, the first part aimed at my readers, the second part aimed at my fellow writers. Those of you who are both can read both parts.

For my readers: What I did right and wrong in 2014 )
For my readers: What I plan to do in 2015 )
For my colleagues: What I did right and wrong in 2014 )
For my colleagues: What I plan to do in 2015 )

In order to achieve all of the above plans, I'm going to have to tackle my web addiction and my schedule. I'll write more about that in my next post, about my personal life last year and this year.

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