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Imprisonment. Slavery. War. Love. Historical adventure speculative fiction & suspenseful lgbtq novels: duskpeterson.com

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"'The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has instituted a three-percent tax on all subjects of the Queen . . .' Oh, sweet blood. There were going to be riots throughout the queendom over this. The High Seeker made a mental note to clear the dungeon's breaking cells as quickly as possible, in anticipation of the arrests."

Nothing in life is certain but love, death, and taxes. But what if all three should converge?

For a century and a half, the royal prison of the Queendom of Yclau has protected its prisoners against the wrath of the Queen and her officials. The dungeon workers have remained determined to learn the truth of accusations against their prisoners, regardless of how high in rank the men and women are who place charges against the prisoners.

But now a new threat has fallen upon the Eternal Dungeon: a threat of financial ruin. Faced with the danger of the dungeon closing down, the High Seeker and his love-mate must race to identify the thief who has been stealing money from the royal treasury. If the two men fail to find the answer in time, the result will not only be the destruction of the dungeon. Failure could mean the death of their own relationship. . . .

Read online or download as free e-books: Tax the Dungeon (The Eternal Dungeon).

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"When she was hired as a maid, no one told her that she'd hold the future of the Dozen Landsteads in her bosom."

It's sweeping day again, and her task seems straightforward: clean the dirt in her master's study and leave.

But Sally's master is no ordinary master, and Sally's sweeping could be the trigger for war. Finding herself in a dangerous trap, Sally must draw upon the wisdom of her allies in the servants' kitchen before disaster strikes.

Read online or download as free e-books: Sweeping Day.
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"'Yet every nation of the Three Lands possesses treasures that ought to be shared with the other two nations,' replied the bard, reaching for the key with which to tune his harp. 'Half-men know that.'"

Daxis is the land of bards and of truths too painful to be faced.

When a man in the guise of a Koretian trader visits Daxis for his own purposes, he is confronted with memories of a battle from the past, as well as a challenge for his future.

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New Day (Young Toughs).

"Having a servant-boy accompany them on this trip was annoying, Kit thought. But there was no way around it; Honey's parents would never have allowed Honey to visit Yclau without her young bodyguard."

Kit has reached her apprenticeship birthday and is on a path to inherit power. But what sort of power will she wield?

A journey from the First Landstead to the neighboring Queendom of Yclau seems an easy enough day-trip for two young women and a faithful young servant. Kit and Honey will simply catch a monorail to the queendom's capital and enjoy their first sight of a foreign nation.

But Yclau is not the First Landstead. It is a land of robots, memories of the Bomb, and a lingering fear of what might occur next.

Kit is determined to have her birthday the way she wanted. But she will need allies for her fight, and one of them is an ally she did not expect.

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