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Published in 2016: "Children of the Earth and Sky," by Guy Gavriel Kay.


Published in 2016: "Can't Hide from Me," by Cordelia Kingsbridge.


April 4, 2017: "Blood Enemies," by Susan R. Matthews. (Sample chapters and eARC are out now.)


May 16: "Thick as Thieves," by Megan Whalen Turner.


June 27: "Seven Stones to Stand or Fall," by Diana Gabaldon.


Online fiction writers who release stories regularly:

Rolf and Ranger


PuckThePlayer (AU fanfic)


Cordelia Kingsbridge (by subscription)


Still waiting for promised new releases from these authors:

Dani Alexander.


Manna Francis.


Authors whose past releases I need to catch up with:

Catherine Jinks.


Sharon Kay Penman.


All those YA dystopian writers whose novels I'm gleefully making my way through.
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Inspired by Frugalwoods and desiring some accountability, I've decided to post my monthly budget this year. I'm calling this feature "Life-or-Death Frugality" because that's what it is for me.

Background )Budget )Totals )

Feedback, folks? Do you think my budget is appropriately frugal for my circumstances? (This isn't a rhetorical question; I'd really like to know.) Feel free to share your own budgets if you like.

Next month: We see whether I can stick to my budget.

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"There was trouble here. He was determined to find and break the troublemaker."

Midwinter's god is as cold as cruelty and as warm as a loving heart.

Winter solstice begins the sacred season of Hell's Fast, when Hell's worshippers sacrifice food for the sake of the underworld god. But the High Seeker of the Eternal Dungeon is in no fit mood for holy rituals; duty has deprived him of the presence of his new love-mate.

Then comes trouble, in the form of an invader to the High Seeker's privacy and comfort. . . .

This story is a 2016 holiday gift fic for Dusk Peterson's readers.

ΒΆ Read online or download as a free e-book: Shifts (The Eternal Dungeon).

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My latest e-book, Risk (Dark Light), ended up with the following honors this year in the Rainbow Awards for LGBT literature:

Honorable Mention. "Books receiving at least one [judge's rating] of 36 or more out of 40." Two judges rated me that high.

Finalist. "Books receiving an average [rating] of 30 or more out of 40."

Winner, Alternative Universe/Reality category. This was the genre category for my entry.

Third Place, Best LGBT Book category. This was the top category for books of any genre that featured a variety of LGBT orientations/identities.

(In other news, I'm still bedbound after surgery, though my foot is showing helpful signs. In the meantime, I'm editing.)

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